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The Informant

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Last weekend on YNPR radio there was an interview with Matt Damon and Director Steven Soderbergh discussing their recent film, The Informant. One portion of the interview that really caught my interest was when Damon delivered a line with so much emotion and regret in his voice that Soderbergh had to yell cut. Saying to Damon that the line was great but in the wrong movie, deliver it like an award acceptance speech. That line sums up the movie’s main character, Mark Whitarce, quite well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Informant. It was a fun mix of comedy and intrigue without leading to far into overly serious territory.


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28/02/2010 at 12:13 pm

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Crafted in NYC

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The Hudson

Thorocraft, the New York based footwear brand are releasing their first collection for Spring 2010 and I would have it no other way. Prepare for an onslaught of popular classical designs morphed into something all its own. The people over at Thorocraft worked hard to inspire the imagination with their own lineup of shoes and boots. This collection consists of pieces like the Ross which will flood your mind with thoughts of Bottega Veneta’s famous intrecciato pattern before transforming right before your eyes into your dad’s school laceup.

The Ross

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A Step Up

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Generic Surplus, the offshoot of Generic Man, has been floating around for a little while. The Generic Surplus collection started off as an affordable and ultra casual take on the sneaker market showing up in places like Urban Outfitters and a handful of online shops like KarmaLoop. A year later and a few steps higher in the evolution process and you get a refined showing of beautiful footwear for a price that still allows you to splurge on those striped Robert Geller trousers at the end of the month. You can’t say anything bad to that.

The dury

The mid deck

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