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Paris Favorites #1: Number (N)ine

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Holy shit why did I take so long to post some of the Paris shows I like? I must have been extremely lazy for the past week or two. Well it is time to bust these out quick! First up is Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita.






Everyone in the fashion industry knows about the letter Hint Magazine recieved explaining how this years Fall ’09 collection could be the last for Mr. Miyashita’s label Number (N)ine. If you are clueless here is a piece from Hint Magazine speaking on the issue:

“Today we received a letter (an actual letter, so you know it’s serious) from Number (N)ine. It started with this quote: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” You guessed it: the Tokyo-based, Paris-showing men’s label launched 12 years ago by Takahiro Miyashita is closing. The fall ‘09 collection—portentously called A Closed Feeling—was the last. The letter went on to say “Over the last decade, Number (N)ine evolved, always forging ahead with a unique and potent vision, to emerge as one of the leading brands of Japan.” We agree with the sentiment. Number (N)ine will be (m)issed.”

Courtesy of Hypebeast and The Fashionisto


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07/03/2009 at 2:04 pm

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