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Final Fantasy XIII Global Trailer

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First lets get this out of the way, if you haven’t seen it yet here it is.
gametrailers Link

Alright now with that done I can get on to what I was planning on talking about in the first place.

The CG is still top notch even if I became less a fan of it a while ago. The character models look fantastic though a bit plastic and horribly outfit design. Graphic wise they all look great though. Can’t say the same for the locations shown which don’t look any better than any game released in the last year or so. Textures appear flat with drawn on detail similar to what they did throughout FFXI. Some would accuse the fact that fights now take place on the field the backgrounds got a downgrade which is true but for the artistic direction to just go to using wide open spaces is pretty lazy. Picking up another Square game like Parasite Eve or Vagrant Story you would experience fights that take place on the same battlefield but with fantastic environments full with detail and a mix between open arenas and fights in small cliffed corridors. Now only two areas was shown in this trailer and for all I or anyone know it can and should have vibrant areas with varying sizes and not just a pretty background with deserted open spaces.

The story or what is given of it makes no sense! Normally a trailer would give a glimpse of a story not random dribble that even someone who followed the game since announcement is still bewildered by. Yes, a group of people chosen by the crystal has to get their mission details from another person who dreams the will of the crystal. It already sounds like a trainwreck but it continues. The chosen fighters and oracles get even more power fight the government which is trying to move “infected” people to the underworld. This is a order presumably by the crystal of the overworld at least that is what the strange named government says. Maybe the infected people are really infected and could harm the underworld crystal? Monsters, flying scorpion-lobster-robot bosses, and a few dramatic screams later you get the title screen and the trailer is over.

The combat was what disappointed me the most and it pains my heart to say so. Maybe I was expecting too much but I wasn’t as pleased as I would like. The fact that every combo would be the same so your 1-2 punch would always be the same animation is a bummer. The spell effects are seriously unimpressive and a major downgrade from the last two FF’s. But I take it that was only because of two things 1) early in the game 2) could cause major slowdown for the game engine similar to XII. I also was expecting the environment to play a much bigger role in the combat like first revealed with the launch trailer. I may have to wait for videos of the demo to see more of that. Those epic camera angles that were promised seemed lost as well. Never did the camera follow the combat in a very professional way, it was like a make your own cutscene twirl-a-thon. Everything came together looking very clunky and unorganized.

Making this whole post moot: I will cop day one.


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31/01/2009 at 11:09 am

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