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Rocketeer Movie Poster

Rocketeer Movie Poster

Ok, so this is post number one.  First of all I should say Welcome to The Purple Jams! Now that I got that little thing out of the way I can go on with what I wanted to say:

So what is this mythical purple jams?  Truthfully is doesn’t really mean much except the item that got me interested in making a so called “look” for myself.  They held more weight than my chest full of videogames with a backlog to drown in or my boxes overflowing with DVD’s that still remain wrapped up.   This is a new outlet for me to express my thoughts and my wishes.  With the year just starting and tons of changes coming in the realms of politcs, clothing, gaming, and many other things I find this a good time to start this blog of mine.  Hopefully I keep it classy and you stay along for the ride.

Second thing to do (which I almost forgot) is to tell you a little about myself.  I am a male.  Happen to also be twenty years old and living in Baltimore.  And that is pretty much it.  This is not some kind of journal for me so talking about my medical conditions or fetishes don’t really have a place here in my eyes.

First post is done and wrapped up so lets blast off!


Written by Desiderus

19/01/2009 at 1:15 am

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